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Snakes Jewelry & Fashion

Snake Print Gloves

Snake Print Gloves

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As the discerning gaze cast upon these accessories, a sense of serpentine mystique intertwines with the very fabric of style, creating an unparalleled visual symphony. Slip your hands into the cool embrace of these gloves, and you're not just adorning yourself; you're embodying a tactile rendezvous with the untamed. The sinuous patterns, like a dance choreographed by nature itself, whisper secrets of the wild against your skin, inviting you to partake in the enigma of the serpent's embrace.

  • Weight: 108g
  • Material: Cotton, Spandex
  • Strong Practicability- machine washable and reusable, Length 8in, retractable, suitable for all sizes, fit skin that you can wear comfortably.
  • Gloves are becoming less fluffy with time, giving the gloves more ease. If your size is on the upper limit of a size, we advise taking the superior size for more comfort. If in doubt, contact us and give us your exact measurements and the length of your major.
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The color of the product and the delivered product can vary according to various factors, such as the lighting conditions during photography, the settings of the device displaying the product image, and the natural variations in materials used for production.

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