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Medo's Pit Viper Green Snake Toy

Medo's Pit Viper Green Snake Toy

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Discover the newest member of your team, the super green Medo's Pit Viper snake toy! Inspired by the wild and mysterious Pit Vipers, this little companion brings all the adventure vibes without any of the danger! Our Medo's Pit Viper toy is totally legit and looks really awesome, with wicked details and an insane size (14.56 inches long)!

  • Realistic design: The snake toy features a lifelike appearance that closely resembles a real pit viper, including scales and texture.
  • Perfect size: L = 14.56in (37cm) x H = 1.18in (3cm)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: We stand behind our products and offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you can confidently purchase, knowing you're getting a quality toy.
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