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Cobra Toy

Cobra Toy

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Whether chilling on your desk or hanging out on a shelf, discover the ultimate yellow cobra toy at an affordable price! Built to last thanks to its rubber material and withstand the wildest adventures, our ferocious predator is ready to guard your room and is the perfect accessory to enhance your living space! Pay tribute to the cape cobra, part of the top predation in the ecosystem and important in maintaining the balance of nature by procuring yours!

  • Realistic design: The snake toy features a lifelike appearance that closely resembles a cobra snake, including scales and texture.
  • Perfect size: L= 5.9in (15cm) x H = 2.16in (5.5cm)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: We stand behind our products and offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you can confidently purchase, knowing you're getting a quality toy.
  • Easy to clean: The rubber material is easy to clean, making it simple to keep the toy looking great after hours of play.
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