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Snakes Jewelry & Fashion

Black Snake Shoes

Black Snake Shoes

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In the cosmic canvas of fashion, black emerges as an eternal force, projecting an aura of mystery and allure. Just as the cosmos unveil the beauty of the universe at night, black brings forth a sense of elegance and refinement like no other. Embrace the celestial stride of timeless elegance and upgrade your style to new horizons with the unique Black Snake Sneakers by Snake Jewelry & Fashion!

  • Snakes Jewelry & Fashion™ Official
  • Lightweight, durable, and breathable
  • 3D TPU plate underfoot helps with multi-directional stability and forward propulsion
  • The unique lacing design, inspired by approach shoes, lets you customize the fit
  • Sole Unit| VECTIV technology is designed to help maximize energy on the trail
  • Microfiber lining
  • Free Worldwide Shipping

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PU is used by coating fabrics such as cotton or polyester. By doing so, the foundation material gets a protective coating which improves the quality and lifetime of the fabric while also making it sturdier.

Furthermore, it adds a glossy and leather-like feature to the fabric, almost perfectly mimicking animal-based leather. Thanks to its leather-like properties, PU is getting a lot of attention from big European producers and is constantly being updated and optimized.

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